Camo Chique & Plus Size Spa Wraps Blog

We at Camo Chique only sell what we love, and we love these Luxury Plus Size Spa Bath Towel Shower wraps. As a plus size gal myself, I was tired of trying so-called plus size wraps which were skimpy and you couldn't bend over or raise your hands unless you wanted to risk a serious wardrobe malfunction. We didn't want a spa wrap that was a thick as a heavy towel as then it would be too hot in warm weather.  Our plus size spa wraps are about the weight of a light-medium weight towel so they absorb but are easy to move in. We wanted several colors for people to choose. We finally found our Camo Chique & Spa Boutique manufacturer and since then have sold hundreds of plus size bath wraps to myriads of happy customers.