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Realtree 2PC Xtra Camo Keychain Key Chain Ring 2" (Set of Two)

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We offer free shipping with all items but shipping on these two would be way more than the cost as we ship priority mail, so we are offering them as a set of TWO. 

Manufacturer: SPG Signature Products Groups - makes Browning products

Color: Realtree Xtra - your keychain may not look exactly like photos as these are genuine licensed Realtree keychains, not cheap imported stamped forgeries.

Basic keyring, can hold up to 10 keys. Zinc alloy. Die Cut.

keyring is one inch all around; keychain from widest is 2" long

Price / Set Includes 2 Key Rings (2PK)

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Realtree Camo Key Ring Keyring Key Chain Keychain PACK OF 2